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May workshops by Prasad Rangnekar

On Fridayevening 20 May, 2016, Indian Yoga Master Prasad Rangnekar will teach a yoga workshop ‘Yoga for Men’ in Naarden.

During this evening you will:

1) learn to understand the anatomy and bio-mechanical compensations of modern urban male body. 2) learn how to resolve these compensations through simple asana and mobilizational practice. 3) Experience relaxation practices that can be easily integrated in daily life. 4) Discuss and find clarity on gender role stress and it’s management. Join us if you are in Amsterdam. Register now!

On 21 and 22 May, 2016 Prasad Rangnekar will also teach a weekend yoga workshop ‘Yoga and Urban Life’ in Amsterdam.

Using the timeless Hatha Yoga wisdom to bring peace and relief to the Urban YOU. Join us in Amsterdam to practice Yoga for posture correction, deep relaxation, body stabilisation and life stress management. Learn to practice Yoga as a Life Management method and not merely as a stretching modality. Register now!

prasad workshop yoga for men

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