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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 2014

All participants were very much motivated and enthusiastic during the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 2014. Every day started at 7am with a self-practice. The day went by learning kriyas, pranayamas, some philosopy, meditation and more.

Yoga Master Dev Kapil was on top of us in the daily two hour yoga class in the hot room (40 degrees C). We all were able to mirror ourselves in this very challenging but liberating class because we learned how to deal with our emotions. Emotions that would naturally show up during a challenging class. We also learned instruction concerning the alignment of our own bodies, building our own strength and gaining more flexibility. In the training Yoga Master Dev Kapil gave emphasis to posture clinics, in which he explained all the ins and outs of 54 Hatha Yoga asanas, including modifications for those who have difficulties getting into the posture.

These were highly intensive weeks, with lots of humor, in which everybody grew and successfully became Hatha Yoga teachers. Recommended for those who want to learn more about yoga, what yoga does for you and would like to promote yoga.